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  • Funeral Costs

    We are always willing to explain cost options and provide an estimate of funeral expenses.  The cost of funerals can vary considerably.  Please don’t hesitate to discuss your concerns regarding finance with our staff.

    Budget Conscious. We offer a range of packages for the budget conscious. The WINZ Funeral Grant, for those eligible, can help considerably towards funeral costs and will cover the cost of a basic cremation with no funeral ($2,250 for an immediate cremation, conditions apply). There are several steps in the mid-range costing, right up to families with no budget constraints. We offer a discount to senior citizens with a Super Gold Card.

    The cost of a Funeral The total funeral account contains five types of charges. These are: 

    1. Professional Service Fee. This is a charge made by the funeral company for providing their professional care, facilities and 24 hour service to arrange and direct the funeral.  It includes our attendance to receive instructions, procuring the necessary medical papers, preparing of all documentation, registration of the death and paying all other charges on behalf of the family.  There can be variations in this charge depending on the complexity of the funeral arrangements. 
    2. Transportation Charges. There are two types of charges – firstly transferring the deceased from the place of death to our premises, and possibly on to a family residence and secondly a hearse hire charge for the funeral service.  The costs range from $280 to $450 or more if transferring deceased to another city. 
    3. Caskets. We have a selection of caskets available.  Prices range from $935 to in excess of $4,000 depending on the material the casket is made of and the style.  The most commonly used caskets are manufactured from customwood – finished in veneer woodgrain, and are available in both flat lid and raised lid styles.  The prices range from $1,320 - $1,520.  Ecologically friendly and personalised caskets are also available.
    4. Other Charges. These are the costs paid by the company on behalf of the family to other organisations for goods and services involved in the funeral.  They may include flowers, donations to celebrant/musician, cemetery/crematorium fees, bereavement notices, death certificate, catering etc.  These costs will add a further $700 - $2,500 or more. 
    5. GST. Funeral accounts incur Goods and Services Tax. This can add $500 to in excess of $1,000 on the overall account. 

    Summary The average cost of a funeral service and cremation is approximately $7,800 compared with approximately $9,900 for a funeral service and new plot burial at Pyes Pa Cemetery.  However, these figures should be considered as a general guide only. 

    There are many ways of reducing the cost of a funeral (ie- making floral tribute, doing your own catering, printing service sheets yourselves etc.)  We are always happy to provide an estimate for funeral expenses.


    The funeral account is generally due for payment within 30 days from the day of the funeral (some exclusions apply).  Any account unpaid two months after the service may attract penalty interest. An authority form is required to be signed by the person making arrangements.  This person has ultimate responsibility for the debt. If the family have concerns about payment of the account, they should discuss this with their funeral director at the earliest opportunity.

     Financial Assistance

    WINZ There is a funeral grant available from Work and Income New Zealand to help with funeral costs.  This grant is means tested and the maximum payable currently is $2,030.91  An application form is available from your local WINZ office.  

    ACC  If the death was a result of an accident, you may be eligible for a funeral grant from ACC, the maximum payable at present is $6,151.77.  We can assist you with an application.