What to do when someones dies?

What to do first

It can often depend on where the person died and the manner of death. If the death occurs at a care facility or in a hospital for example, contact Jones & Company Funeral Services to begin making arrangements.

If death occurs at home, the first thing you need to do is call a doctor, if you are unable to make contact with a doctor, contact us and a funeral director can begin guiding you through the process.

When the Coroner is involved

The Coroner is a legal officer appointed under the Coroners Act who has the duty to establish the cause of death in certain circumstances.

The involvement of the Coroner is a totally separate procedure from the funeral, so it is worth noting:

  • It is still the family’s responsibility to organise a funeral
  • It is the family’s right to choose their own funeral director – there is no obligation to use the funeral director contracted by Police and used to transfer the deceased from the place of death to a public mortuary
The Coroner may become involved when:
  • A doctor is unavailable or unable to establish the cause of death
  • There is a sudden unexpected death
  • Death occurs from other than natural causes
  • There is an accidental death
  • There has been no recent consultation with a medical practitioner

In these cases it is important that the deceased is not moved or disturbed in any way without the permission of the Coroner.

Jones & Company’s role is to relieve you from as much of the pressure of organising a funeral as possible and to ensure your funeral choices are arranged sensitively and professionally.

Pre Planning Funerals

We can personalise the type of funeral that you wish to have. A funeral service is not just for the deceased but is also for family and friends to honour and celebrate a life, to say goodbye, or to reflect on their own lives, without their loved one.

  • Spend time with the deceased
    This can be at a family residence, marae, or at one of our funeral homes. 

  • Funeral venue
    Funerals can be held at one of our Chapels, at a family residence, Club, Church or another venue that holds a special significance.

  • Private Family Service
    Where family gather and remember their loved one in a private setting.

  • Immediate cremation followed by private/public
    Memorial Service
    An immediate cremation is chosen then family choose to remember their loved one in a public or private setting.

  • Refreshments
    We can arrange catering for after service refreshments or you may wish to arrange your own. 

  • Family participation
    Involve family, close friends and grandchildren as casket bearers, ushers and other key participants. 

  • Organisations, Clubs and Associations
    Consider involving any organisations which the deceased belonged to e.g. RSA, Lodge, Bowling Club.

  • Service sheet
    Have a service sheet printed with favourite photos, poems or hymns. 

  • Memorial register
    Invite people attending the service to sign a register to give the family a record of those attending. 

  • Flowers
    The casket arrangement can be made using favourite flowers and colours.  Have individual flowers available for family members to place on the casket at the conclusion of the service.

  • Caskets
    We can source caskets from several suppliers.  You may wish to visit our display room

  • Casket memorabilia
    A framed photo, flag, medals or other personal items may be placed on the casket to personalise funerals.

  • Digital photo presentation
    30-40 photos can be projected onto a large screen accompanied by a favourite song during a reflective moment of the service. 

  • Recording service
    The service can be audio recorded or filmed for family unable to attend. 

  • Livestream service
    The service may be live streamed via the internet anywhere in the world. 

  • A photoboard
    with a collection of photos of the deceased’s life and family can be displayed at the service. 

  • Eulogy and tributes
    Have a member of the family, or close friend pay a tribute. 

  • Music
    Any music items that were favourites of the deceased may be performed live by a singer, musician or through our sound system. 

  • Readings
    Have a favourite poem, reading or a passage from the Bible read at the service.

Fill in your funeral details and wishes Today

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Pre Paid Funerals

Pre-Paid Funerals
A Funeral Trust plan allows you to set money aside, in trust, for your final farewell or for that of a loved one. Prepaying towards a funeral means when the time comes loved ones can gather together, support one another, and remember and celebrate a life, without the responsibility of making difficult choices in very emotional circumstances. For more information visit The Funeral Trust website or contact us.
Why use the Funeral Trust?

The Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand is an Association representing the majority of the funeral companies in New Zealand.  They are committed to ensuring that the families they serve are receiving high quality service.  Its members arrange and direct over 80% of all funerals in New Zealand. A pre-paid funeral organised through the Funeral Trust is a secure way to pre-plan your funeral or that of another family member. The Funeral Trust is not an insurance policy.  No health checks or personal questions are needed.

Benefits of Pre-Paying a Funeral
  • A pre-paid funeral through the Funeral Trust will give you peace of mind knowing that  the financial burden has been addressed.
  • Security of funds – the money that you pay now for your pre-arranged funeral is held in Trust for the nominated participant in the Funeral Trust.
  • Up to $10,000 in a pre-paid funeral plan is excluded from asset testing (under current government policy) when assessing eligibility for a subsidy for long term residential care for the elderly.
  • Your family and loved ones are relieved of the responsibility of making difficult decisions in a very emotional time. 

Don’t need a Funeral?

Don’t Need A Funeral?

Before a decision is made on a ‘direct cremation’ service, it is important to understand the impact this decision could have on those left behind.

By requesting no farewell, the deceased excludes family and friends from sharing in acknowledgement of their death and honouring their life.  It is human to want to express your love and gratitude for the deceased’s role in your life – denying this can cause heartache and distress and prolong the grieving process.

Consider a farewell of some kind – even the smallest ritual – shared or private can be hugely comforting and promotes healthy grieving

When someone dies a gap opens.

Who are we without them and their role in our life?

Rituals help people:
  • Come to terms with the reality of death – to adjust
  • Find meaning
  • Find comfort
  • Process difficult thoughts and emotions
  • Affirms and strengthens bonds between people grieving the same loss
  •  Gives feeling that they have honoured and given thanks for the huge part the deceased played in their lives
  • Share memories and be able to say goodbye

Grief Support

Grief Support

It can be very helpful at this time to have an independent and sympathetic person to talk to confidentially.  Expressing emotions and voicing feelings can help bring healing.

Grief Support Services, Tauranga offers:
  • Support and understanding
  • Individual and family counselling
  • Specialised child counselling
  • Bereavement support courses
For further information visit their website:
griefsupport.org.nz or phone 07 5784480 for an appointment.

Jones & Company have a selection of books on subjects covering grief and healing which we are happy to lend families to cope in their grief.

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